Monday, 14 November 2016

Jinghong Song - How to Help The Homeless

Jinghong Song is a young writer living in Kansas City who is passionate about helping others. In particular, he enjoys giving his time to charity, and he has spent much of his time working with the homeless. He finds that many homeless citizens just need a little bit of care to help them get back on their feet, and finds their stories inspiring. If you are looking to help the homeless in your city, here’s what you can do to give back.

-Volunteer at a homeless shelter. These organizations need tons of help to keep running, so even if you just stop by a few hours each week to help with cleaning and keeping things organized, you’ll be a huge help.

-Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Many homeless citizens rely on these organizations to get food every day, so by giving your time, you’ll help keep them fed and healthy. This is an especially good position for those with cooking experience.

-Donate goods to a homeless shelter. The homeless are in need of not only food, but also clothing to help keep them warm and toiletries to help keep them clean. Put together a care package of new items from your local drugstore and send it over – you’ll definitely make somebody’s day.

-Support local organizations that provide housing, health care, and education for homeless citizens. These organizations are crucial for helping these citizens get back on their feet. You can donate money and vote for politicians that support their funding.
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