Monday, 14 November 2016

Jinghong Song - How to Help The Homeless

Jinghong Song is a young writer living in Kansas City who is passionate about helping others. In particular, he enjoys giving his time to charity, and he has spent much of his time working with the homeless. He finds that many homeless citizens just need a little bit of care to help them get back on their feet, and finds their stories inspiring. If you are looking to help the homeless in your city, here’s what you can do to give back.

-Volunteer at a homeless shelter. These organizations need tons of help to keep running, so even if you just stop by a few hours each week to help with cleaning and keeping things organized, you’ll be a huge help.

-Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Many homeless citizens rely on these organizations to get food every day, so by giving your time, you’ll help keep them fed and healthy. This is an especially good position for those with cooking experience.

-Donate goods to a homeless shelter. The homeless are in need of not only food, but also clothing to help keep them warm and toiletries to help keep them clean. Put together a care package of new items from your local drugstore and send it over – you’ll definitely make somebody’s day.

-Support local organizations that provide housing, health care, and education for homeless citizens. These organizations are crucial for helping these citizens get back on their feet. You can donate money and vote for politicians that support their funding.
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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Jinghong Song - Save or Pay Off Debt?

Jinghong Song is a writer of a series of financial advice books that have helped thousands of people around the world get their life and finances back on track. He is very passionate about helping others live a better life, and he is also known for being a highly engaging public speaker. One of the financial problems that many people struggle with when trying to get their budget in order is deciding whether they should pay off their debt or save money for the future. This is a complex question that depends on your own personal situation.

If you have a high amount of debt, such as student loan debt or a large mortgage, then you should focus on paying that off first instead of saving money for the future. If you start to save money but you aren’t paying your debt off, you’ll have a financial cloud hanging over your head, so to speak, and you won’t really be able to relax until you get rid of the debt. If you are in this situation, sit down with your family and create a plan to pay off the debt as efficiently as you can. It may also help to talk to a financial advisor.

However, if you don’t have much debt, and only have to worry about monthly credit card payments, then it’s time to start putting money away. Having a full savings account will really benefit you in the event of a crisis or a big transition in your life, and it can also help prepare you for retirement. To make saving money a habit, start by taking a small amount out of each paycheck and putting it into your savings account.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Jinghong Song - Why Everyone Should Make Reading A Habit

Jinghong Song is a writer who has written everything from down-to-earth financial advice books to highly entertaining romance novels. He is passionate about developing new works that readers around the world can connect to, and he is often inspired by reading the works of others. In fact, when he was younger, it was reading great books that motivated him to become a writer. If you don’t read, here’s why you should start making it a habit – it can have huge benefits for you, both physically and mentally. 

- Reading is good for developing your brain. As we age, our mental acuity naturally declines if we don’t ‘train’ our brains, so to speak. Reading helps improve your brain’s ability to focus, and it also can help improve your vocabulary by teaching you new words. By incorporating reading into your routine, you’ll help prevent problems with your brain in the future. 

- Reading gets you away from the TV and other electronics. In today’s world of digital addiction, many people spend hours and hours each day in front of a screen. This can be horribly detrimental to our health. If you spend too much time on the computer, for instance, you are likely to find that you get less sleep, and you may experience dry, sore eyes as well. Reading is a great way to get away from that. 

- Reading is entertaining! When you find a great book to read, you’ll feel like you have been sucked in – you won’t be able to put it down. A great work of fiction will feel just as satisfying as watching an amazing movie, while works of non-fiction will help teach you about the world around you in a way that is fun and engaging. Because reading is so entertaining, it is also a great way to relax and beat stress. People who read often find that they feel better about their problems afterwards. 

- Reading is a fun activity that you can do on the go. While you need to have internet access or cable to watch movies or TV, you can easily bring a book with you anywhere in the world and get completely sucked in. This means that reading is a great habit for people who travel to pick up, because it will give them something fun to do, no matter where they are in the world. 

- Reading is an affordable way to entertain yourself. If you have a library nearby, you’ll be able to check out tons of books for free. If not, look for a local bookstore that has used options – you’ll likely find copies of some great works at an affordable price.

Jinghong Song frequently reads to garner inspiration for his next works.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Jinghong Song - How to Become A Freelance Writer

Jinghong Song is a writer based in Missouri who has built a successful career for himself writing a wide variety of books, articles, and online content. He is very passionate about writing, and after studying journalism in college he was inspired to pursue a career as a freelance writer by contributing articles to local and online publications. This lead to more work, and eventually he began writing his first in a series of financial advice books. He also writers romance fiction in his spare time. If you want to become a freelance writer like Jinghong Song, here are some tips to help you get started.

-Take a class to sharpen up on your skills if you haven’t written anything in a while. You don’t necessarily need to go back to school to do this – you can find plenty of classes online that will help you practice your writing. Be sure to review basic spelling, grammar, and syntax concepts, and then take a class focusing on the specific type of writing you want to pursue, like journalistic writing or fiction writing.

-Start a blog to get in the habit of writing. You don’t necessarily need to develop a big audience, but writing a blog about things you are passionate about will give you a reason to write several times per week, and you’ll have samples to work with in order to find room for improvement. A big plus of having a blog is that you will have plenty of writing samples to send out when trying to find professional writing jobs.

-Look for low-level freelance work online to start making money. There are many sites online that allow freelancers to connect with small businesses who are in need of ebooks, web content, and blog articles. While you won’t make much money to start off with, this is a great way to build your resume and practice writing on a wide variety of topics.

-Once you’ve gotten some practice writing, start defining the topics you’d really like to work on as a writer, and start looking for potential topics for articles or even books. Then, look for publications (either online or in your local community) that you can submit your work to, or send a pitch for your story if they don’t accept submissions outright. It will likely take some time before you gain some traction with these projects, but once you do, you’ll find that it will be easier to get your work published in the future.

Becoming a freelance writer is very challenging, and it can take years to develop a career where you get to write content you are passionate about. However, with dedication, practice, and a passion for writing, you can become a freelance writer like Jinghong Song.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Jinghong Song - Preparing To Write Fiction

Jinghong Song has made a living and a name for himself by writing self-help and life coaching books. His favorite topic to write about is finance. He recently published a romance novel that also did well and he is now ready to move on to try fiction books. If you are planning to write fiction books as well, there are several ways you can prepare and transition to this type of writing.

It is always beneficial to brainstorm before you write, but especially when you write fiction. You can get creative when writing fiction books so the more you brainstorm ideas, the more you allow that creatively to flow and the more content you will have for your book.

Do Research
Even though you are writing a fiction book, you don’t want to skip out on research. You should still learn as much as possible about the topic of your book even if you plan on writing about topics that are not necessarily factual.

Let Your Ideas Flow
When you are writing and feel like you have an idea that you may not have considered earlier in the process, let it go. You can always change the idea or even take it out if you decide you don’t like it. Many writers do better when they stop holding back and let their minds be as creative as necessary.

Jinghong Song is excited about writing fiction books and although he knows it will be different from what he is used to, he is ready to embrace the changes. If you are going to transition from non-fiction books to fiction books. There are several things you can do to prepare for the change and write better books.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Jinghong Song - Becoming A Successful Freelance Writer

Jinghong Song is a professional freelance writer. He has made a name for himself by writing life coaching books, finance books, and a romance novel. He plans to begin writing fiction books as well. Becoming a successful freelance writer isn’t easy and it takes a lot of time and patience.

Have A Goal

What kind of freelance writing do you want to do? Do you want to write books? Do you want to report the news? Do you want to create website content? There are many different types of freelance writing jobs, so make sure you know which one you plan on doing.

Find A Niche

Most freelance writers have a lot of success writing within a niche or a certain topic. You should choose a niche you are familiar with and enjoy writing about. If you choose a niche that is popular with other freelance writers, you will need to make sure you make your writing interesting and unique.

Motivate Yourself

Mr. Song has been a freelance writer for many years and he knows how hard it can be to stay motivated. If you are going to be a freelancer you will need to find ways to motivate yourself to work and do well. You may not have a boss so you will have to find a way to stay inspired and keep working even when you don’t feel like it.

If you have dreams of becoming a successful writer like Jinghong Song, you need to be patient and willing to work hard. Once you have found success with your first book, you will find that it is easier to write others.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Jinghong Song - What To Consider Before Writing Your First Book

Jinghong Song has been writing books for a living for many years. Over the years he has published a romance novel and several life coaching books. He is a finance writer as well and plans to write some fiction books in the future. If you are ready to write your first book, there are several things you should consider.

You probably already have an idea for your book, but you really need to think about what the book will be about and what you have planned for your readers. You should also be open to changing your book as you write it. Mr. Song often begins writing a book and then finds that his ideas and plans for it change as he writes. Being open to change allows him to take his books to new levels and include more information than he had originally planned to put into the book.

Before you start writing a book you should think about your audience and who will want to read it. Mr. Song tends to stick to specific book genres and when he writes a book he knows most of the people who read that book will be interested in that topic. He is considering writing fiction books in the future and knows they will be marketed to a completely different audience. He plans to spend some time learning more about his possible audiences so he can make the books he writes more appealing to them.

There are thousands of people writing books at this very minute, and many of those books will have similar topics or storylines to yours. One of the most important things a writer can do is to find a way to make his or her books different from others. Readers do not want to read the same thing over and over again and you will need to find a way to make your book unique. Mr. Song compares his ideas to books with similar topics that are already on the market and finds a way to make his books different so readers are getting new information and a fresh perspective. He never wants his readers to feel like they are reading something they have already read or that they are not learning anything new from his books.

When it comes time to write a book, a lot of time, planning and thought will go into it. Jinghong Song has published many books and makes a living being a writer. If you are thinking about writing a book and aren’t sure where to start, make sure you consider the above points. The more time you take to prepare for your book, the more likely it will be successful.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Jinghong Song - How To Get A Book Published

Jinghong Song has been lucky enough to have many books published during his career as a writer. Some of his most successful are life coaching books that are focused on the topic of finance. If you are an aspiring writer who wants to get a book published, this information can help.

Create a Manuscript
If you are going to send your book off to publishers, you need to have a manuscript. There are certain guidelines that you should follow when creating your manuscript. Make sure you proofread and save your manuscript in the proper format. Some publishers will only accept printed manuscripts and others will accept them via email or other electronic methods.

Find An Agent
Many publishers do not accept manuscripts or submissions from writers directly. They only accept them from agents. Before you can submit your book to be published you will need to find an agent who will do so on your behalf. You can send out query letters to the agents that interest you and explain the purpose of your book as well as the storyline and why you feel it should be published. If an agent is interested in your book, they will contact you and help you submit your idea or manuscript to a publisher.

Create A Proposal

Many publishers like to see proposals before they decide if they are going to publish a book or not. You should create a proposal that explains what the book is about, names the intended audience, compares your book to other published books, and explains how you will market the book if it is published. Many publishers also like to see an outline of the book so they have a better understanding of what the book will be about and who it may interest.

Be Patient
Getting a book published isn’t easy and the process is not a fast one. You may be turned down by many agents and publishers along the way and you will need to have the confidence and determination to keep sending out your query letters and proposals to agents and publishers. In the end, your patience will pay off.

If you aren’t having any luck getting a book published or want to have one published quickly, you can always self-publish. When you choose to self-publish a book you have to handle the cost of printing and marketing. It can sometimes be more difficult to self-publish than to wait and be published by another company.

Jinghong Song enjoys writing about finance and other topics. He has also had a romance novel published and is hoping to write some fiction books in the near future. If you are hoping to get a book published these above tips can help.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Jinghong Song - University of Missouri

Founded in 1839, the University of Missouri boasts over 300,000 alumni and is an important $2.2 billion institution in the state. As one of the thousands of proud alumni, Jinghong Song is a writer who has made a difference in the lives of countless readers who have sought financial counseling and advice. It comes as no surprise that those who attend Mizzou are changing lives and making a mark in their chosen field. The University is affectionately nicknamed Mizzou and is known for its black and gold coloring and the Bengal tiger mascot.

Mizzou is Missouri’s largest and most comprehensive school with over 300 degree programs and 89 online degree options and 18 colleges and schools. The University is one of six public schools in the United States that offers a veterinary medicine college, medical school, and a law school on the same campus. The Mizzou faculty accounts for roughly 70 percent of all research dollars that are awarded to Missouri’s public universities. The school also awards about 62 percent of the state’s doctoral degrees.

Many graduates from the University attribute some of their most enjoyable years to their time spent at Mizzou. The University currently has an athletic program with 20 sports with many ranking in the top 25 in the nation. Jinghong Song is a graduate from the university who has always had an interest in sports and greatly enjoyed being a part of the Mizzou family. The University hold a special place in the heart of many alumni and will always promote excellence, discovery, responsibility, and respect to all who enter its doors.


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Jinghong Song - Loving Baseball

There’s nothing quite like a home run; a crystal clear sign of success that has captivated fans like Jinghong Song for decades. Song, an avid sports fan and Kansas City Royals follower, has been interested in baseball since he was a child and has fond memories of playing the sport with his father and friends. Like many adults, baseball holds a high level of nostalgia for Song.

Baseball is like no other sport. With a schedule that allows fans to watch their favorite teams practically every day during the season, baseball is a pastime that can easily find its way into anyone's schedule. For many families, baseball is also an excellent way to bond. A lazy afternoon spent at the ballpark can quickly become cherished memories for the entire family.

Unlike most sports, baseball is incredibly inclusive. In football, if you don't have the right build it is not very likely that you'll go far. Likewise, in basketball players are normally expected to be a certain height if they want to play professionally. Baseball is unique, in that players of all shapes and sizes are able to find their place in the sport and excel. Although players are excellent athletes, players aren't expected to be a certain height or weight to get the job done!

Baseball fans are for life! Those like Jinghong Song have their favorite teams they’ve followed most of their lives and true fans never let a team’s failure change their minds. Many baseball fans stick with their favorite teams through thick and thin and simply hope for a better season next year!


Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Jinghong Song - Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals rise to prominence seemingly happened overnight. For fans such as Jinghong Song, it has been a long time coming. In 2015, the Royals captured their second franchise title and first since 1985. Now with many key players still on their roster, they are geared up for their 2016 campaign to defend their title. 

Their pursuit of back to back titles is sure to be filled with an exciting mix of setbacks and accomplishments but the Kansas City Royals have depth on their roster and are built to win for many years in the future. Among the key players on their roster are Edison Volquez, Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain, and Wade Davis. With this solid foundation of players and some key role players the Royals currently are on pace to qualify for the 2016 postseason. But the current success hasn't been without sacrifice. On May 26, 2016, Royals Manager Ned Yost informed the Royal's fan base that starting third baseman Mike Moustakas would be out for the remainder of the season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. While it was quite the setback, the team has rallied around each other to keep their momentum going.

Injuries to key players like Mike Moustakas haven’t deterred merchandise sales or led to a decreased following. With back to back World Series appearances the Royals have gained a plethora of new fans. Which has lifelong fans like Jinghong Song all the more excited. With a rejuvenated fan base and one of the league’s best teams, the Kansas City Royals have exciting games in their future.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Jinghong Song - Staying Active

Born in the Midwest, Jinghong Song grew up spending his time outdoors enjoying each season and the wide array of activities they would bring. With milder climates than most Northern states, he was able to comfortably enjoy winter and usually catch some snowfall yet still take part in summer to its fullest. Now as an adult, Jinghong still enjoys spending his time outdoors and knows the importance of staying physically active. Staying physically active doesn’t have to be a chore. Recognizing opportunities in everyday activities to stay active can make exercise a routine part of the day. Aiming for at least thirty minutes of physical exercise each day can provide numerous health benefits to people of any age. If you are able to occasionally incorporate more strenuous workout activities for added health benefits.  

There are activities that may not immediately register as exercise but can people reap the benefits of physical fitness. Staying fit can prolong life, lead to a decrease in risks for heart disease, cancer, and numerous other diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Staying active can improve the quality of a person’s life as well. Although some people may not be able to physically participate in rigorous activities, maintaining physical fitness should be a priority for everyone. 

Besides walking, there are other ways of staying fit that are low impact for those who may find extensive walking more difficult. Swimming is a great low-impact activity for those who want to get moving but may have ailments that potentially hold them back! Swimming often uses more muscles than many other forms of exercise but is easier on the body than running or other forms of more strenuous workouts.

Simple actions like taking the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator, parking further back from a store entrance in a parking lot, or taking a walk after dinner each night can help one lead a healthier life. Breaking up long periods of sitting with some sort of physical movement, taking short walks, for instance, is important as well, especially for those who may sit behind a desk at work for much of the day.

For people like Jinghong Song, physical fitness is now an everyday part of life. Song has always enjoyed playing sports, especially in his childhood, and continues to play recreationally as a young adult. The benefits of fitness far extend the basic desire to stay in shape. Those who work out on a regular basis often report fewer issues with depression and more regular sleep patterns. Playing baseball and football casually with friends or co-workers is not only a great way to maintain fitness but also serves as an excellent form of team building as well.  

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Jinghong Song - How to Search More Efficiently Online

As a finance writer, knowing how to properly research topics is a vital part of Jinghong Song’s skill repertoire. A good portion of the information that he uses in his finance pieces come from various reputable sources all across the internet. In order to find these resources, Mr. Song has to sometimes use a search engine. That is why for him, searching itself has become a skill, one that he has become more efficient at over the course of his career.

Learning to search more efficiently is a simple matter of using a few key techniques, a few of which are listed here:

Be Specific: For almost any word or phrase you can think of, search engines like Google can turn up hundreds of thousands, if not millions of results. That is why it is important to be specific in your search. The more general you are, the harder it will be for you to find what you are looking for.

Use Quotation Marks. Believe it or not, search engines are designed to know when you are directly quoting something. So if you are looking for a specific quote or an article that contains a specific quote, use quotation marks! This will make it much easier for the search engine to locate the article you want when you can’t remember the title or be more specific.

Jinghong Song is a professional freelance finance writer that has become quite efficient at using search engines. This has been a result of necessity, as his articles require extensive research to complete.

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Monday, 9 May 2016

Jinghong Song - How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

Jinghong Song is a well-established financial freelance writer that has worked in the field for many years. He has built a substantial online following that has cemented his place in economics, as well as freelance writing. In short, he is living the dream that every aspiring freelance writer envisions when they start their career. He did not get to that position overnight however. Becoming a successful freelance writer is no easy task, but the tips below may make your journey a little easier.
  • Pick a Subject: A mistake many freelance writers make is having too broad of experience across many subjects. This actually hurts their employability. A good freelancer will find a subject that he or she is passionate and knowledgeable about, and seek employment in that field.
  • Set Goals: To be a successful freelance writer you need to set goals. Having a clear direction will help you define the steps you need to take in your career. For instance, if you want to make $50,000 a year freelancing, you have to establish an hourly rate and a daily income goal. Knowing this goal will help you obtain enough work and projects to achieve that.
  • Self-Promote: Being a freelance writer is like owning your own business, so don’t be afraid to self-promote. Marketing is key to any business success.
Jinghong Song has established himself as a successful freelance writer because he had the passion, the work ethic, and set obtainable goals. Now he has a well-established pen name and the job security that comes with it.

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Jinghong Song - Life Coach Techniques

Jinghong Song has established a career and made a name for himself as a life coach. He accomplished this by publishing a series of successful life coaching books that just cannot seem to stay on the shelves. He has a way with the written word that helps to inspire people. He lays out a well-sculpted program to help people define goals, create an actionable plan to reach each goal, and helps give you the tools to self-motivate long enough to follow through.

Jinghong Song and many other life coaches use three basic techniques to help anyone achieve success. These three techniques are:
  • Accountability: Regularly scheduled calls from a friend or life coach help keep a person on track. Much like a personal trainer at the gym, a persistent life coach motivates a client to set big goals and keep climbing.
  • Expertise: A life coach trains themselves to learn how to be more productive. They have an expertise in time management, energy management, and efficiency. So clients can get more done with less.
  • Delivery: A good life coach has a way with words, a way to motivate a client. They don’t nag clients; they inspire them to become more. A good life coach feeds ambition and drive, keeping you focused and more productive.
Jinghong Song is happy to help people improve themselves. He takes pride and pleasure in aiding others down the winding road of life, helping them set and achieve the goals they have always dreamed of. He has a passion for his craft that has made him successful.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Jinghong Song - Helping the Homeless

Jinghong Song is not just a successful finance writer; he is also a dedicated philanthropist that wants to make the world a better place. As a result, he has adopted many causes, including helping the homeless in his community.

Homelessness is a problem that still persists in many countries today. While there are plenty of government programs and non-profit organizations designed to combat homelessness, there are still thousands that are forced to live on the streets. Thankfully, helping the homeless is something that can be done with individual actions. Below is a list of suggestions to help the homeless near you:
  • Acknowledge them: Many homeless people feel isolated and alone, which only makes the hardships they face worse. Over time, that isolation can destroy their self-value. Just by striking up a meaningful conversation, you may be able to lift the spirit of a homeless person, giving them the strength to better their situation.
  • Be Prepared: Often it is a good idea to carry around a bottle of water and a few snacks with you on your daily routine. That way, if you encounter a homeless person, you can give them some nutritious food and water. Water is especially important, as dehydration is one of the main issues the homeless face. A little help goes a long way.
Jinghong Song is a man that is dedicated to his community, and helping everyone in it. He has given special attention to the homeless in the area, as they have the greatest need for aid.

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Jinghong Song - How to Become a Better Person

Every one of us has done some things in the past that we wish we did not do. While we cannot run from our past, we can always make better choices and become the kind of person that we dream of. Jinghong Song is a life coach and a professional writer who likes to influence lives positively with his experiences. He is aware of those habits that you can to adopt in order to become a better person.

In life, attitude is everything. You need to work on your attitude daily and develop healthy habits that will help you to become a better person.

When you travel and read often, your mind will be enriched and exposed to numerous possibilities. Reading and traveling regularly will motivate you and also help you to see the world around you better. Also, you will be exposed to other cultures and different opinions about life itself.

The caliber of people in your network is also a major factor that will determine the kind of person you will be. When you associate with people who have unhealthy habits, you will most likely be influenced. Therefore, associate with people of noble character and interests.

Furthermore, it is not wise to make excuses and blame others for your mistakes. Start to take responsibility and learn from your mistakes. When you take responsibility for your mistakes, you will be able to learn from them and also make better choices in the future.

Jinghong Song is a professional writer and a life coach. He is also a journalist who loves traveling and sharing his travel experiences with others. Furthermore, he is a huge fan of baseball and he is a resident of Missouri.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Jinghong Song - Why You Need to Exercise More

Jinghong Song is a life coach and an experienced writer. He writes about pressing issues including love, health and personal development. He is aware of the many benefits of exercising regularly and how it will help us to live a healthy and happy life.

Engaging in regular exercise has many health benefits. Exercise is vital to our overall well-being irrespective of age or gender. It helps to keep us in great shape and also keep us healthy and flexible. It can help you live a happy and healthy life.

Also, regular exercise helps to improve mental health. It can help to relief stress and combat anxiety and depression. Furthermore, regular exercise can help to create feelings of happiness and euphoria. It can also help to alleviate symptoms among the clinically depressed.

Regular exercise helps to boost brain power, control addiction and also sharpen one’s memory. It can help to boost the chemicals in the brain that prevent degeneration of the hippocampus; an important part of the brain for memory and learning.

When you engage in regular exercise, you are less likely to have stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, dementia and even early death.

Regular exercise will also help to improve your sex life and help you to sleep better. It also helps to boost self-esteem and morale

Jinghong Song has experience in the health and human services industry. He has hiked through desert, mountainous, and unfriendly environments in order to document his experiences as a world traveler and he knows the importance of exercising and staying in strong shape.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Jinghong Song - 4 Advantages of Volunteering Your Time to Community Service

Jinghong Song is a professional writer and a journalist. He likes to volunteer his time to community service. He is aware of the many benefits of volunteering and how it can affect the quality of life of people in the community.

Advantages of volunteering your time to community service include:

1. Volunteering is fun

Volunteering is a great source of entertainment. It is a good way to relax and relief stress. It can provide you with fulfillment and excitement more than you can imagine.

2. Personal satisfaction

The personal satisfaction that people gain from helping others is one of the major reasons why people volunteer their time to community service. You will experience a great feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment when you volunteer.

3. Networking opportunity

Volunteering your time to community service will help you to meet people and make new friends. It will also help to strengthen your old ties.

4. It helps to develop valuable life skills

When you volunteer your time to community service, it will help to shape your character and develop your communication skills and teamwork ability.

Volunteering will help you to develop personally and also help to strengthen the community and make it a safer and better place.

Jinghong Song is a professional writer and the author of several life coaching books. He has passion for helping others through volunteering and he knows that it is a great way to give back to the society. Furthermore, he has interest in baseball and journalism.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Jinghong Song - How to Build a Successful Career

Building a successful career requires commitment, perseverance and focus. Jinghong Song is a professional writer and a dedicated journalist. He knows that building a successful career is a long-term process that will require your time, money and energy. Therefore, you need to take responsibility for your career and be willing to pay the price necessary to make it successful.

Here are five tools to help you build a successful career:


Without adequate planning, it will be difficult to build a successful career. Develop a good plan that will guide you and motivate you to achieve success in your career. Also, develop suitable strategies and set smart goals.

Stay informed

Acquire up-to-date information regarding new technologies and processes in your industry. In order to build a successful career, you need to invest in yourself. Join a professional association and attend relevant seminars, workshops and trainings.

Get a mentor

The importance of mentoring to building a successful career cannot be overemphasized. A professional mentor can help to fast-track your career development and also help you to avoid many pitfalls in your career.

Manage your time effectively

Your career success is dependent on how well you manage your time. Plan your tasks appropriately and commit to those activities that will help to build your career.

Be disciplined

An important ingredient that you need to build a successful career is discipline. Discipline will help you to stay focused and achieve your career goals.

Jinghong Song is a professional writer and a freelance journalist. He is also the author of several life coaching books. He is passionate and dedicated to making a difference through his writing. He has interest in baseball and football.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Jinghong Song - Documenting His Adventures

​Jinghong Song is a travel journalist who writes about his journeys to foreign territories. He is sometimes called upon to write dangerous stories in areas of conflict. He is passionate about his work, and although he doesn’t write newsworthy articles all the time, he enjoys being able to reach a worldly audience regarding the topics he feels are most pressing. Although what he does is sometimes dangerous, he feels that the risk is worth the reward.

Song’s career has taken him into the hearts of some of the most dangerous areas for journalists to enter. He has been to several war-torn territories, including parts of Africa whose people were affected by conflict. He told the story that people needed to hear, and he was able to raise support for the territory, and the people living there in order to make them safe. He enjoys writing for a living, and the power it gives him to reach a worldly audience.

Jinghong Song is a professional journalist who has traveled all over the world in order to cover newsworthy stories. He has documented these adventures with a writing style that is unique and compelling, allowing him to entertain and inform his readers at the same time.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Jinghong Song - Writing About a Pressing Issue

Jinghong Song is a professional journalist, freelance writer, and world traveler who has made quite the name for himself in the journalism field. His published works regarding his experiences in foreign cultures have been extremely popular, and he has established professional connections all over the world. Although he primarily writes travel pieces, he has used his connections to also publish hard-hitting news features that revolve around issues he feels are worth his time. One of the major issues he has spent a great deal of time on has been global climate change, and its effect on the human population as a whole.

Climate change is impacting people everywhere. It’s increasing gas prices, causing over-polluted cities like Beijing, China, and is even having an effect on our ability to be self-sustainable. However, there are a great deal of questions regarding the impact humans have had on climate change in the recent centuries, as well as what our role in climate change is in the immediate future. Jinghong Song’s articles talk directly about the impact humans have had on the Earth, and what we can do to slow down the eventual warming of the planet. He believes that there is a lot that humans can do to reverse the negative impact we’ve had on our home.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Jinghong Song - How Journalism Can Shape the World

Jinghong Song is a professional writer who understands the power that comes with writing for a worldly audience. He is a talented journalist who has made a living out of writing the stories he wants people to know the most. In addition to writing newsworthy stories, he also writes self-coaching books on finance and other issues. However, he is most passionate about the stories he is called to cover that have an impact on lives everywhere.

Journalism is a powerful industry that has the ability to inform, sway, and investigate people all over the world. Journalists are known for getting to the facts of a story, no matter how hidden they may be, and in some cases have been more effective than a judge or jury. They are able to report the details of what they find, as long as they have credible sources to back up their information, and people trust them to deliver the truth. Not only does this have an effect on the very decisions they make, but on the actions the world has in certain situations.

Jinghong Song is honored and humbled to be able to report the information that has such a large impact on a global scale. He knows that he has the power to inform others so they can make educated decisions, and he always gets the facts.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Jinghong Song - The Keys to Retirement Planning

Jinghong Song knows that it is wise to be proactive in determining where you will be living throughout your retirement. Moving around will become less of an option as you get older, which is why it is important to have a strong idea of what you will need in your later years of life. Some people choose the assisted-living scenarios offered in a retirement home, while others prefer their independence and opt to stay in their homes and have a nurse do home visits, or live in their quarters, to care for them.

While retirement is meant to be a comfortable experience, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own set of hazards. Bad falls and other types of injuries can and will occur, so it is important to include the possibility of having to cover extra medical expenses within a budget for retirement.

While it is difficult to put a number on these expenses, the best practice would be to play it safe and be generous with these savings; because even if you avoid all accidents and don’t find yourself in need of these funds, they can be applied to other assets later on.

Jinghong Song has spent a countless amount of hours grinding out these details with others so that they can have a plan for retirement that keeps them safe, healthy and comfortable throughout.