Monday, 29 August 2016

Jinghong Song - Becoming A Successful Freelance Writer

Jinghong Song is a professional freelance writer. He has made a name for himself by writing life coaching books, finance books, and a romance novel. He plans to begin writing fiction books as well. Becoming a successful freelance writer isn’t easy and it takes a lot of time and patience.

Have A Goal

What kind of freelance writing do you want to do? Do you want to write books? Do you want to report the news? Do you want to create website content? There are many different types of freelance writing jobs, so make sure you know which one you plan on doing.

Find A Niche

Most freelance writers have a lot of success writing within a niche or a certain topic. You should choose a niche you are familiar with and enjoy writing about. If you choose a niche that is popular with other freelance writers, you will need to make sure you make your writing interesting and unique.

Motivate Yourself

Mr. Song has been a freelance writer for many years and he knows how hard it can be to stay motivated. If you are going to be a freelancer you will need to find ways to motivate yourself to work and do well. You may not have a boss so you will have to find a way to stay inspired and keep working even when you don’t feel like it.

If you have dreams of becoming a successful writer like Jinghong Song, you need to be patient and willing to work hard. Once you have found success with your first book, you will find that it is easier to write others.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Jinghong Song - What To Consider Before Writing Your First Book

Jinghong Song has been writing books for a living for many years. Over the years he has published a romance novel and several life coaching books. He is a finance writer as well and plans to write some fiction books in the future. If you are ready to write your first book, there are several things you should consider.

You probably already have an idea for your book, but you really need to think about what the book will be about and what you have planned for your readers. You should also be open to changing your book as you write it. Mr. Song often begins writing a book and then finds that his ideas and plans for it change as he writes. Being open to change allows him to take his books to new levels and include more information than he had originally planned to put into the book.

Before you start writing a book you should think about your audience and who will want to read it. Mr. Song tends to stick to specific book genres and when he writes a book he knows most of the people who read that book will be interested in that topic. He is considering writing fiction books in the future and knows they will be marketed to a completely different audience. He plans to spend some time learning more about his possible audiences so he can make the books he writes more appealing to them.

There are thousands of people writing books at this very minute, and many of those books will have similar topics or storylines to yours. One of the most important things a writer can do is to find a way to make his or her books different from others. Readers do not want to read the same thing over and over again and you will need to find a way to make your book unique. Mr. Song compares his ideas to books with similar topics that are already on the market and finds a way to make his books different so readers are getting new information and a fresh perspective. He never wants his readers to feel like they are reading something they have already read or that they are not learning anything new from his books.

When it comes time to write a book, a lot of time, planning and thought will go into it. Jinghong Song has published many books and makes a living being a writer. If you are thinking about writing a book and aren’t sure where to start, make sure you consider the above points. The more time you take to prepare for your book, the more likely it will be successful.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Jinghong Song - How To Get A Book Published

Jinghong Song has been lucky enough to have many books published during his career as a writer. Some of his most successful are life coaching books that are focused on the topic of finance. If you are an aspiring writer who wants to get a book published, this information can help.

Create a Manuscript
If you are going to send your book off to publishers, you need to have a manuscript. There are certain guidelines that you should follow when creating your manuscript. Make sure you proofread and save your manuscript in the proper format. Some publishers will only accept printed manuscripts and others will accept them via email or other electronic methods.

Find An Agent
Many publishers do not accept manuscripts or submissions from writers directly. They only accept them from agents. Before you can submit your book to be published you will need to find an agent who will do so on your behalf. You can send out query letters to the agents that interest you and explain the purpose of your book as well as the storyline and why you feel it should be published. If an agent is interested in your book, they will contact you and help you submit your idea or manuscript to a publisher.

Create A Proposal

Many publishers like to see proposals before they decide if they are going to publish a book or not. You should create a proposal that explains what the book is about, names the intended audience, compares your book to other published books, and explains how you will market the book if it is published. Many publishers also like to see an outline of the book so they have a better understanding of what the book will be about and who it may interest.

Be Patient
Getting a book published isn’t easy and the process is not a fast one. You may be turned down by many agents and publishers along the way and you will need to have the confidence and determination to keep sending out your query letters and proposals to agents and publishers. In the end, your patience will pay off.

If you aren’t having any luck getting a book published or want to have one published quickly, you can always self-publish. When you choose to self-publish a book you have to handle the cost of printing and marketing. It can sometimes be more difficult to self-publish than to wait and be published by another company.

Jinghong Song enjoys writing about finance and other topics. He has also had a romance novel published and is hoping to write some fiction books in the near future. If you are hoping to get a book published these above tips can help.