Monday, 22 February 2016

Jinghong Song - Documenting His Adventures

​Jinghong Song is a travel journalist who writes about his journeys to foreign territories. He is sometimes called upon to write dangerous stories in areas of conflict. He is passionate about his work, and although he doesn’t write newsworthy articles all the time, he enjoys being able to reach a worldly audience regarding the topics he feels are most pressing. Although what he does is sometimes dangerous, he feels that the risk is worth the reward.

Song’s career has taken him into the hearts of some of the most dangerous areas for journalists to enter. He has been to several war-torn territories, including parts of Africa whose people were affected by conflict. He told the story that people needed to hear, and he was able to raise support for the territory, and the people living there in order to make them safe. He enjoys writing for a living, and the power it gives him to reach a worldly audience.

Jinghong Song is a professional journalist who has traveled all over the world in order to cover newsworthy stories. He has documented these adventures with a writing style that is unique and compelling, allowing him to entertain and inform his readers at the same time.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Jinghong Song - Writing About a Pressing Issue

Jinghong Song is a professional journalist, freelance writer, and world traveler who has made quite the name for himself in the journalism field. His published works regarding his experiences in foreign cultures have been extremely popular, and he has established professional connections all over the world. Although he primarily writes travel pieces, he has used his connections to also publish hard-hitting news features that revolve around issues he feels are worth his time. One of the major issues he has spent a great deal of time on has been global climate change, and its effect on the human population as a whole.

Climate change is impacting people everywhere. It’s increasing gas prices, causing over-polluted cities like Beijing, China, and is even having an effect on our ability to be self-sustainable. However, there are a great deal of questions regarding the impact humans have had on climate change in the recent centuries, as well as what our role in climate change is in the immediate future. Jinghong Song’s articles talk directly about the impact humans have had on the Earth, and what we can do to slow down the eventual warming of the planet. He believes that there is a lot that humans can do to reverse the negative impact we’ve had on our home.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Jinghong Song - How Journalism Can Shape the World

Jinghong Song is a professional writer who understands the power that comes with writing for a worldly audience. He is a talented journalist who has made a living out of writing the stories he wants people to know the most. In addition to writing newsworthy stories, he also writes self-coaching books on finance and other issues. However, he is most passionate about the stories he is called to cover that have an impact on lives everywhere.

Journalism is a powerful industry that has the ability to inform, sway, and investigate people all over the world. Journalists are known for getting to the facts of a story, no matter how hidden they may be, and in some cases have been more effective than a judge or jury. They are able to report the details of what they find, as long as they have credible sources to back up their information, and people trust them to deliver the truth. Not only does this have an effect on the very decisions they make, but on the actions the world has in certain situations.

Jinghong Song is honored and humbled to be able to report the information that has such a large impact on a global scale. He knows that he has the power to inform others so they can make educated decisions, and he always gets the facts.